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Establishing a sustainability goal is just the first step.  Creating a plan for achieving energy savings, carbon reduction goals, or sustainable operations is difficult as we are bombarded by many options each seeming reasonable and relevant.  By developing a portfolio approach with clear metrics and verification procedures, we help pick the right projects to turn goals into realities cost effectively and measurably.  



Regardless of how much you spend on energy, managing utility costs is important.  We help clients understand the drivers of their utilities spend to save money and lower operational risks.

When utilities are not a major business expense, we work to embed sustainability thinking in existing processes achieving the benefits without more cost and complexity.


Sustainability is on the mind of your customers.  Having a sustainability message is a prerequisite for working with many companies.
But there's more to this story...

We evaluate how to differentiate your offerings and even enter new markets by developing and refining a sustainability value proposition to your customers. 


Developing a culture of sustainability within your organization can deliver a myriad of benefits.  We help align sustainability and corporate responsibility actions to core values, creating an authentic message that resonates with employees and leadership.  This makes attracting and retaining talent easier and builds an external brand with the community and other stakeholders. 


Windmills on green field
Renewable Energy and Microgrids

All electricity is no longer the same.  Energy consumers have options in determining the source of their energy, and the implications of those choices to their business.  Balancing cost, carbon content, resiliency, and complexity requires not only an understanding of the available options, but also how companies view energy and impact on core operations.  We assist customers in developing a high level strategy and taking that strategy to tactical decision making at individual sites and between the myriad of technology choices.

Image by Iryna Tysiak
Carbon Reporting and Management

Understanding the relationship between your business and your carbon impact is a prerequisite for companies dealing with a myriad of stakeholder demands.  Customers, shareholders, regulators, and employees are more and more looking for data, not just anecdotes and stories. We help companies establish an annual process to inventory their carbon emissions and create a plan to improve the accuracy and inclusive of their reporting, as well as set goals and develop targeted projects to reduce carbon across their value chain.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Design

The best time to implement energy efficiency is during the design and construction of a new facility.  But how do you decide among the myriad of technologies and designs while holding to budget and schedule?  We take a holistic approach, identifying high value options which don't impact the project schedule or objective. By incorporating the client's business strategy into the analysis, we recommend savings measures which help not only the bottom line, but enhance stakeholder relationships and productivity.

Green IT

Global data centers consumed 416 billion kWh global in 2015, 3% of global electricity.  Although hyperscale data center energy efficiency and renewable energy has improved, significant opportunity still remains in small data centers and the communications closets in every business.  We help both with tactical project identification and development to reduce energy and also by formulating green IT strategy and policies.

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