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Corporate Sustainability at Global Media Company

Starting a sustainability initiative, particularly at a large, multi-division company is not easy, particularly while ensuring that creativity and local initiative important to success in the media industry is maintained.  We identified and collaborated with champions to develop an ESG strategy and build out a governance structure to address the concerns of stakeholders.  Through a materiality assessment, we were able to focus the efforts of limited resources on the most critical issues. By providing software, tools, consulting support, and best practice sharing opportunities at the corporate level, individual sites and project teams kept their autonomy, but were able to operate more effectively and ensure that data and results were promoted and shared both internally and externally.

Sustainable Micro-Brewery

Building a micro-brewery and restaurant takes passion, hard work – and energy!  From the initial concept, Saucy Brew Works wanted to create an environmentally sustainable business, but needed help evaluating options against their impact and value.  Working across the entire development and operational team from design and construction to brewing, kitchen, and service, we identified and quantified numerous sustainability measures to reduce energy consumption, keep utility costs low, minimize landfill waste, and participate in circular supply chains, while always balancing the impact on customer comfort and daily operations of the kitchen and dining area staff.

New Construction Consultation

How do you translate a desire for sustainable and energy efficient design from a concept into a building?  By consulting with a client and their construction team, we were able to identify some simple and cost effective suggestions to improve overall energy efficiency as well as support an innovative and aesthetic design.

Energy Metering Market

Drawing from experience from the equipment manufacturer and the facility manager point-of-views, we provided the client with insights on entering into the smart metering market space.  We identified the key decision makers and purchasing criteria to help shape the client's value proposition and market entry strategy.

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